The majority of the production of our company are the standard closures of appearance and dimensions adjusted to the world standards in this area (for example caps for PET bottles for beverages, mineral water, milk and dairy products). Recently however we observe a significant increase of interest in original and unique packaging allowing differentiate the products on the shelves. This trend is result of both dynamic development in packaging technology and intensifying market competition, which forces producers to individualize the product and its packaging. And that became a kind of challenge for us, active participation in the creation of new packaging design one of our goals. We realize it successfully through the proper skills to interact with respective marketing representatives of our clients both in the phase of concept creation, model building, injection molds creation and subsequent production running and final product delivery. Such close cooperation is equally possible thanks to the experience of our designers as well as handling latest IT solution in the field of computer supported design.

Experienced designers and engineers

Experienced designers and engineers

Modern machinery

We have 25 injection molding machines operated by qualified operators.

Production plant is equipped with modern, high-performance injection molding machines, produced by internationally known manufacturers as Arburg or Sacmi line, as well as specialized equipment to perform one or two color printing provided by Continua Tampoprint.

In our production we use only highest quality materials that before passing onto production are checked carefully and that their quality is confirmed by required certificates.